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Andrea Nicole

My love of books, reading and writing stories, started at a young age when I wrote a short story, typed it up and self-published it with a cardboard cover. I gave this to my Mum, who gave it back to me years later, probably as a reminder of what I was supposed to be doing in life!

My story was a thriller/chiller and it's funny, as when I look at what I flash-write, I do tend to create stories full of suspense. It's not what I always write though, so perhaps I could do with taking note of my first short story!

I used to read the Famous Five and Secret Seven series by Enid Blyton. Perhaps you know of these books? As I collected a whole bunch of books as well as these 2 series, I ran a mobile library, listing out who was borrowing what books from me. It was fun - until they stopped being returned!

Anyhow, all this became a distant memory once I left school and embarked on an office 'career'. I still loved books, but forgot what my mission was - to write my own!

Decades later, with some jam-packed shelves of good books, and finding myself in the role of a commercial writer, I think it's time I started my own library again - only this time I'll fill it with my own stories!

I'll write up a checklist of books I can heartily recommend soon, as I think you might like to see where my mind goes on the train going into work, or late at night.

Do please check back here again and perhaps leave your contact details if you'd like to receive emails from me, which will I will begin soon.

Until then my lovely, have a beautiful day.



Where can you find my work?

I have been quite active over the years, in a random kind of style, working around my day job as a commercial writer. So, you may feel like wandering through the following websites and catching up on what matters most to me.