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Andrea Nicole

Thanks for visiting!

As a commercial writer, it's taken me quite a while to take the next step and share my imagination with the world. Yes, as a storyteller, I'm finally giving in to the demands and encouragement of others and heading out on a limb with my first book!

Will you enjoy my style? Will you laugh, cry and feel like the story is familiar to you?

I hope so, as my stories are real - although crafted with a touch of something unreal. I'm sure you'd agree that a little creativity, a wander off-track (for ramblers) or off piste (for skiers), works wonders for the soul!

So, keep watching out for updates as I will be tempting you with excerpts of my new book. Consider yourselves my focus group. Yes you! Please get in touch with your thoughts, I love to hear from people who can shed light on my content; I get so caught up in my stories, I'm never sure if they are actually enjoyable to read, and if so by whom!

You can reach me direct by sending an email if you wish; [email protected] or fill in the brief contact form here.

Thank you and bye for now.

Andrea. xx


Loving Rock'n'Roll


Love adorable puddy-tats

That's me!

A wee moment in Austin, Texas